Mama Laura
Laura Case


JAMS: Mama Laura started as a label for my homemade jams.  The name has now become synonymous with anything I do related to the home arts. 

When we moved into our last house eight years ago we were blessed with two fabulous fruit trees.  The Santa Rosa plum tree produced tons of delicious deep purple plums.  Greast, except the plums all ripened within a two week period.  I don't care how much you like plums - you can't eat that many, that fast.  So what to do with the rest?  Well, I gave a lot away. The kids also created a fruit stand in the driveway and sold them.  But still there were plenty. That's when I decided to make jam.  These plums made a sweet yet tart rich jam with a lovely purple-red color.  This jam won three first place and one second place ribbons at the San Diego County fair in the last seven years! 

The apple tree produced very tart apples.  Not too great for eating off the tree but fabulous for cooking. I make killer apple butter with these apples - also a blue ribbon winner.

From there I started making other jams with "bartered" fruit.  My friends traded apricots, peaches and strawberries for plums and I made jams out of these too.  We sold our house this year and sadly I had to leave my trees behind.  I still make over seven different varieties of jams and conserves each year. Strawberry being the perennial favorite.  Most I give away as gifts but I've also done a fund-raisers with my Girl Scout troop to help teach them entrepreneurship.  We had a blast.


My passion for this hobby started at age 12.  I put together my first scrapbook and still love the craft of it.  I became a Creative Memories consultant in 1999 and sold their product for 3 years.  The timing was bad for me to continue the business but I feel the product is still some of the best in the market.  I now like to design my own scrapbook pages and still love to get together with friends for scrap sessions.


Another lost art that seems to be making a comeback.  I've created flower pots, trays, Christmas ornaments and photo frames using this technique.  I'm exploring other uses for the technique.  I'll keep you posted!

I'm just a little domestic diva re-exploring the joy of crafting - let me know if you have a new craft you'd like me to try!
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